Monday, April 29, 2013

Who is Akoma


From the slums of Santa Ana, Ca., Akoma delivers rapid fire lyrics that are composed with precision. Akoma brings a style that is raw, rough & rugged with the aggression of a pack of wild Pit Bulls. His emotionally driven delivery conveys Akoma not only as a lyrical giant but also as a quality artist in the oversaturated world of rap music. Life it self taught me a whole lotta thangs... My son showed me things about myself I never knew I had in me. Movies Ive seen, answers and statements people have given me through out the years. Decisions both good and bad. Faith..... triumphs and failures.... love and heart break. Losses and gains. These things have all influenced me into who I am today.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who is Sand Mann?

SandMann was born Zion Krist on June 23, 1989 in Orange County California. At present the SandMann is a well respected MC and Underground Hip-Hop artist known for his hard pounding energetic performance and raw rhyming ability. 

SandMann wasn’t always a solo act. At the age of 16 he began his music career in a local Hardcore Rap music group The Sick Sense. After the group’s first falling out, four years later, he made an attempt to re-create the group but the group wound up parting ways in definitely. 

He was best known for his freestyle ability at the age of 16 and battle rap confrontations up until the age of 20. He won the Mic’s of the Round Table freestyle rap competition at 19. 

On Oct. 31, 2007 he released his first in studio album recording, Dosage. The project was released independently and was distributed online through his personal web page and was handed out as a free cd release. After the release of his first project he performed in various shows in support of the record opening for artists like Canibus, Crooked I, and Planet Asia. 

SandMann is currently working with his own indie label venture Empire Label which is set to release it’s first project in 2012. His latest work will be released in the new group compilation album entitled The Black Mask. The record is being created to present the artists and the type of upcoming projects that will be released by the label. He also has a solo project in the works scheduled to be released early in 2013. If the world doesn't end that is. 

“I believe I can get away with anything.”

Source - SandMann

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who is Sirah?

To try and hold Sirah down would be unwise. What the chameleonic Los Angeles artist lacks in stature, she more than makes up in spirit. Attempt to slow her roll and get rolled over, laid out by a pint-sized powerhouse who holds court at the intersection of fizzy pop and swaggerful rap, clutching a rhinestone-bedazzled mic with a steel-studded punk rock heart. Everything Sirah has, she's hustled hard for, leaving her native Long Island as a teen to cut her teeth in the West's storied hip-hop underground. Now, with a hotly tipped mixtape on the way and a handful of Skrillex collaborations under her belt, Sirah is forging her solid gold crown in a much bigger arena.

Sirah has made a habit out of slaying expectations. Born to a bluesman and an artist, she moved with her dad to Washington State at 6, into a trailer in a community that had its own sweat lodge and medicine man. But colorful beginnings eventually gave way to darker realities as she lost her father to drugs, and was forced to return to New York. There, she struggled with her own demons and after a series of arrests, chose to relocate to L.A. on her own rather than face foster care at 15. She'd begun rapping with friends at parties a few years earlier after memorizing every line of Big Pun's Capital Punishment, so it wasn't long before Sirah discovered her new home's emceeing epicenter, the legendary Project Blowed open mic.

She made her name in the shadow of local stalwarts like Dilated Peoples and Freestyle Fellowship, and booked her own tours across Germany, Romania, and the U.S., raising money from fans and sleeping on floors as she went. In L.A., lodging wasn't much more secure. Sirah called Union Station home for some time, then lived out of a Jeep Cherokee while managing a cafĂ© by day and recording her debut EP at night. Clean Windows Dirty Floors (2007) showcased a winning mix of wit, humor, ability, and perspective, and people took note. The industry flirted heavily, but also wanted her to change—to starve herself, to dumb it down, to fit a mold—and so Sirah pushed on without 'em.

Her sweet tooth for pop developed in the meantime. Sirah was battle-tested on all counts, but she saw the opportunity for more. She'd found a home base a downtown arts colony anchored by her newfound fan and friend, a gifted producer named Sonny Moore (later, Skrillex). Her live show had grown into a visceral and vicious thing with Sirah backed by live drums and keys, rolling on the floor or on top of the crowd, barefoot and feral. In the studio, she'd been working with seasoned writers to align her sound with her ambition. Then came setback: Mere weeks before the release of her debut LP Smile, You Have Teeth, Sirah and her management team had a disagreement and decided to part ways. Hoping for a fresh start, she gave up the record, cut her losses, and moved on. 

But 2011 brought rebirth with "Double Yellow Lines," produced by Sirah's go-to collaborator Mighty Mike. The effervescent single—a combination summertime BBQ jam and rap-fueled electro-pop anthem, portrays a strikingly upbeat look despite some tough odds. But taking a cue from her earliest inspiration Joni Mitchell, our heroine has always been as scrappy and self-made as her hand-embellished thrift store wardrobe. And every challenge, from caring for an ailing father to overcoming her own addictions, from persevering through homelessness to wrestling with bad business, has only spurred her onward. That DIY sticktoitness and undefeatable sense of worth follows Sirah wherever she goes.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Who is Keston Barker?

Keston chose his path early. He was raised in a musical family with a long-standing guitar tradition.

By the age of two, Keston seemed mesmerized by the guitar, and spent hours rhythmically strumming the instrument. He continued his own experimentation until he began to craft a style and an amazing technical ability never before witnessed in a musician of his age.

Keston is comfortable shredding neo-classical licks alongside; Martin Gerschwitz & Yngvie Malmsteen, wailing blues riffs ala Jimi Hendrix, or smooth Santana-style phrasing with deep expressive vibrato.

The sky is the limit.

Keston (Guitarist of BusBoys Fame) plays - Hennesseys Tavern Dana Point. 9PM-Midnight Every Thursday featuring Martin Gerschwitz (of Iron Butterfly, Eric Burden & The Animals, Meatloaf) on Keyboards, Lavell Jones (Neil Diamond, Seal) on Drums. Blake Hunter on Bass. Jammers Welcome

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who is OG Cuicide?

Compton, CA – Struggling to survive and overcome violence and poverty is a common image seen in movies and music about those who live in Compton. For West Coast rapper Cuicide, it’s all just a part of his life.

He’s dealt with hardships from the moment he was born, from having been abandoned by his parents at only eighteen months old to having to make it through foster homes and more upheavals. With no place to truly call home, he took to the streets and their offers of gang banging, robbing and hustling, but even that failed to calm him and eventually lead to an attempt at taking his own life at the young age of 22 years old.

He thankfully lived through that and woke up out of a coma with a renewed sense of determination to make it. Just two years after the life-changing brush with death that spawned his rap name, he signed his first record deal and recorded his debut album “Final Exit.”

The album reflected his life before the coma, including constant living on the edge and opened the door for his future in music. Since then he’s released a second album, toured across Japan, France, and Germany and taken up acting.

The struggles haven’t stopped, as he’s been shot twice in the last four years, including in the stomach by an AK-47, but through it all he’s developed a desire to never quit. His new album “Never Give Up” will carry that theme and is sure to give his listeners a true glimpse at overcoming the odds.

“Looking back on my life from the past until now I never gave up and know for sure there is a God and I'm here for a reason,” Cuicide reflects. “So to the world I say no matter what you’ve been or are going through you can make it. Always remember OG Cuicide told you never give up.”

Source - OG Cuicide

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who is the "Z" Band?

"Z" Band is a ZZ Top Tribute Band. After having many years of success together and with various other artists & producers, Bill Davis, Franc Ortega and Ricky Lewis have formed the finest and most authentic tribute act to one of the most well-known bands of all time. The “Little Ol’ Band from Texas” has endured many decades of great music and constant touring.

Ricky (Rev. Ricky G.), Bill (Rusty Bill), and Franc (Franc Beerz) have spent a great amount of time and effort completing the act that will provide them many years of performing as an unbelievably tight and incredibly powerful three piece group.

This ZZ Top tribute is second to none. Paying close attention to the true recorded sounds of ZZ Top’s music, audiences close their eyes and feel they are at the show with the real band....a statement hard to match.

Like three brothers, Ricky, Bill and Franc have traveled worldwide together and have always wanted to perform as a full-time, professional touring band. They please audiences wherever they go with whatever music genre they may perform, the “Z” show affirming that they are truly at the top of their game.

This is the act that will be recognized for years to come as a major entertainment force…..a lot like the guys they’re paying tribute to.

For booking information and pricing, call Mark Wood Entertainment in Southern California at 949.748.6850

Source - Mark Wood Ent.